About Us

Founded in 2019, Quiz Range is a website with the mission to bring new, interesting quizzes to the world!

The website’s quizzes are broken up into three main categories;

  • Sport

This category is full of online sports quizzes which suit fans from across the world. We are releasing quizzes which specifically test sports fans of a particular team, and more general ones for sports enthusiasts with a broad knowledge of teams, leagues, and competitions.

  • Film, TV, and Music

Users who visit this category will be able to test their knowledge through a range of online entertainment quizzes. Whether you are a 60’s music geek, a big fan of a particular TV series, or have want to prove you are the ultimate fan of a movie, this category is bound to have something for you.

  • Trivia

A page for the quizzing purists, the trivia page offers more traditional quizzes. From flags of the world to language quizzes and everything in between, this category of online quizzes is there not only to test your knowledge, but to let you learn trivia and facts that will amaze your friends.

Another section of the site which is important to us is the answer questions, earn cash page. Users who visit this page can learn ways to turn their knowledge and question-answering-skills into money and rewards.

We also value feedback from all of our users, and this is why we encourage feedback and queries from our community through the contact us page. Whether you are looking to let us know of a good idea for a new quiz or want to get in touch to tell us about your impressive 100% score in one of our quizzes, feel free to use this page.

No matter what your interests are, we have something for you!

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